Friday, 28 May 2010

It's my party and i'll cry if i want to . . .

Well I thought I better give the blogging world an update on my life while i have the chance!

I promise pictures will be up soon . . . i just havent taken many!

I am having to work harder than ever before, and all in all it is dragging me down but I always bounce back and I will be ok! It is so stressful what with the ash cloud, greek strikes and everything people's stupid questions are something I could quite happily live without right now!

I haven't been able to do as much exploring of the island as I would have liked so far as my days off are spent catching up with washing and cleaning . . . an exciting life i lead!

In this job the people you spend the summer with become like your friends and family for 6 months all in one! It is quite strnnge as you are thrown into a team of people and you have to become friends or at least be civil with each other! This is why it is so hard to be in a relationship in this job . . . trust me I have tried! At the end of the season you want to go your seperate ways and off to other destinations in the world and it just doesnt work out.

Also by doing this job for 3 years now I have come to the conclusion FINALLY that all men are . . .to put it nicely . . . complete idiots!!! . . . that is all i have to say on this matter!

Well birthday meal and drinks last night was fantastic . . . spent it with the people that wanted to be there which was very nice so there was no bitchiness or anything! Drinks were fab! only a few of us but definately a good night . . . and fabulously enough . . . no hangover this morning . . . BONUS!!!

Well that is a small update on my life . . . as I say . . . pictures will be coming soon . . . I am now off to enjoy my first day of being 21 is the greek sunshine . . . by the way . . . 28 degrees in the shade at 9am!!!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Rhodes to no where . . .

. . . Ok not had much time to write which is why I have been very quiet lately . . .

. . . Here is a quick update so far . . .

I have settled into my new house very quickly . . . went to the greek equivalent to IKEA and bought a lot of homey stuff so its a right little palace now . . . the disney princess shower curtain was already in the apartment which i was extremely happy about! . . .

. . . I am settling into working in the hotels as well . . .some I feel more comfortable with than others but it will all come in time. . .

. . . I am loving the south of Rhodes which is lovely . . . you feel like you are driving through a postcard in some places . . .

. . . Not been out yet, monday night venturing up to Faliraki which should make for an interesting night . . .

. . . If you haven't been to Rhodes before I definately reccommend you stay here, especially in the resort of Lindos!!! . . .

. . . No pictures yet but I am sure there will be lots over the next few months . . .

Monday, 12 April 2010

These, are the days of our lives . . .

I have survived my training week in Mallorca . . . it was a struggle but I managed!

We started the day at 9am and finished at around 9pm . . . long days but definately well worth it!

I feel so much more knowledgable about the job now and what is expected of me which is rather strange due to the fact I have done the job for a year and a half previously!

The week has been amazing, I have met so many amazing people that have taught me a lot of things i can take away with me. We went to Palma Aquarium which wasn't so riveting . . . theres only so many fish you can stare at in one day. However on the journey we drove past Palma cathedral so thats one more monument I can say i have seen in the world.

On Friday I officially start my job again in the beautiful greek island of Rhodes . . . I am so excited but i wont lie . . . extremely nervous at the same time! I am looking forward to working in a brand new team of people but also having my best friend from training there with me too!

Who knows what the future holds . . . all I know . . . I am going to have a fab time finding out!!!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The iron maiden

As planned . . . I have packed today and I am that one step closer . . . ready for my travels. I have an outfit for each day of training, a couple of outfits for the evening . . . and I have remembered my 'dress to impress' outfit . . . whether the outfit will do what is required and 'impress' is a whole different can of worms!

Today I have lovingly laid everything out . . . decided whether to take it or not . . . then I ironed a HUGE pile of clothes . . . taking me around an hour to complete . . . thus I am now calling myself . . . 'The Iron Maiden'!

Saturday is the day when I fly off to Majorca for a weeks training . . . where I shall learn how to write the perfect welcome meeting . . . how to act around customers in a variety of moods . . . and . . . get fitted for that all important uniform!

I have packed my notebook, pens, postit notes and highlighters ready to take notes . . . and be the model rep I always dreamed of being!!! (Enthusiasm was the aim of the last statement!)

For some reason I thought packing may help me become less nervous and more excited . . . FAIL . . . it has not made me in any way, shape or form more excited! Infact now I have started to have no feelings towards Saturday . . . infact it is just seeming like any other day!

I shall be taking my new baby . . . (my lovely little netbook) . . . where I am hoping the hotel will have WIFI where I can update my blog from far away land!

Monday, 29 March 2010

It only takes a minute girl!

Saturday is drawing nearer and so far I have managed to accumulate little piles of 'things' around my room.

One pile consists of :

  • A bath towel
  • A hand towel
  • A skirt
  • A tshirt

The other pile is slightly more extravagant than the first which consists of :

  • Trainers
  • Court shoes (lovely)
  • 2 bras (one white & one black)
  • A Pink Ringbinder & A4 document wallet
  • 4 holiday brochures (from the company I work for)
  • Toothpaste , shower gel, shampoo & conditioner
  • All stationary including 5 lots of post it notes and a pink stapler!

I am sitting and looking at my sketchers shoebox keeping all my toiletries and stationary together and it is reminding me highly of those shoe boxes you fill for the unfortunates in africa at christmas!

I keep looking at my piles of 'things' and smiling to myself thinking 'oooh everything just needs to go in my case and I am done'. Well . . . No . . . reality is . . . hardly anything is ready . . . I have one daytime outfit ready and that is it . . . I have no pyjamas or underwear packed let alone the . . . 'dress to impress' outfit needed for the last night!

For the past few years I have decided I am no longer going to be one of those last minute people who do everything at the last minute but the truth is . . . I still am and I probably will be for a long time! When something is new and fresh I get excited and have a momentary burst of 'getting everything ready' in which I will do one thing . . . (sometimes not even that) . . . get bored and think I have lots of time and therefore . . . leave it till last minute!

I am even doing it now . . . I am sitting here . . . moaning about the fact nothing is getting done . . . when infact in the time it has taken me to write this . . . half my case could have been packed!

Wednesday is the day . . . This is what i have decided . . . Wednesday is the day when I am going to go through everything . . . realise I have no where near everything I need . . , thus sending me into panic mode and having to rush out and buy things which I am convinced i need!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Moroc and Roll

As you may have noticed I have not made myself known the past week . . . this is due to sunning it up in Morocco!!

I visited in December . . . and 6 days after returning . . . I booked to go again!

Me and my friend stayed at the Riu Tikida Beach both times and I cannot wait to get back from my travels to go there again!

I have fallen in love with the place . . . the people . . . and of course . . . the weather!

During my stay I met the owner of the company Unilever . . . a very VERY rich man and his wife who were LOVELY and my adoptive Grandma and Grandad for the week!

This is the beautiful mountain just across from our hotel where the words meaning 'God, King and Country' are lit up at night. The pictures just do not do it justice and it looks amazing whilst walking along the beach front at night!

If you haven't visited this wonderful country i highly reccommend it and the Riu Tikida Beach is definately worth a stay! First Choice are starting to go back there in May so get dow to your local travel agents and book it =D

Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's my life . . . it's now or never . . .

Ok so . . . I am not entirely sure how these blog things work but after the mother requesting I make one and after much protest . . . here I am!

What is the reason for this blog i hear you ask! . . . Well as Julie Andrews once said . . . Let's start at the very beginning . . . it's a very good place to start!

In the summer of 2008 i jetted of to the Algarve in Portugal to start my very eventful career as a . . . 'Holiday Advisor' . . . otherwise known as what some people dread . . . a 'Holiday Rep'.

After flying home in September 2009 . . . after 3 seasons . . . I decided to come home and settle! This lasted only a few months and as of April 3rd I shall be jetting off to warmer climates . . . yet again!

So . . . to get to my point . . . this blog is for me to document the happenings of my life . . . and to post the occasional photograph . . . be it scenic . . . cultural . . . historical . . . or just me partaking in an alcoholic beverage or two!

So . . . this is me . . . here I am . . . and this is my life!